CR S10I.350.SN


Core Data

Rated Voltage (DCV) 36
Low Voltage Protection (DCV) 32
Current Limit (A) 13
Rated Current (A) 7
Rated Power (W) 350
Weight (g) 100
Operating Temperature -20 - 45℃

Mounting Parameters

Dimensions (mm) 70*60*18
Com. Protocol UART
E-Brake Level Yes

Further Specifications

PAS Mode Speed Sensor, Speed and Torque Sensor
Throttle Voltage Input (DCV) 1.1-3.9
Control Type Sine Wave
Gearshift 0-9
Speed Limit (km/h) 25
Walk Assistance (km/h) 4.5
Lighting Output Voltage (DCV/W) 6 / 3(max)

Tests & Certifications

IP IP 65
Certifications CE / ROHS / EN 15194


Dimension A 70 mm
Dimension B 60 mm
Dimension C 18 mm

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