eMTB Drive Systems

Powerful yet quiet, the motor delivers satisfying flow whether you’re climbing or descending. Its maximum assistance of up to 120Nm takes the sting out of any ascent and puts a smile on any rider’s face.

M820 Drive System

COMPACT! POWERFUL! LIGHT WEIGHT! With only 2.3kg, it convinces in all points with 250W rated power and strong 75Nm (max torque) for a maximum extended cadence support of 120 rpm. Thanks to its perfectly tuned torque sensor, it can control the exact power according to the pedaling force. The M820 drive system inspires every eMTB rider, regardless of the terrain or climbing situation!

M560 Drive System

eMTBs can rely on the powerful and efficient M560 mid motor. With 500W dependable power and 130Nm torque, it offers strong support where needed. Compatible with full integrated and semi-integrated battery.

M510 Drive System

M510 is an overturning upgrade of the eMTB performance motor. Comparing with the last generation, the max torque of M510 remains 95Nm, but the weight is reduced by 18% while the max power output is increased by 20%. Max cadence support is extended up to 120RPM. Thanks to our smart control system, smooth start-up, powerful acceleration and continuous max power output of more than 15 minutes are ensured for hard-core climbing.

H640 Drive System

eMTB bikes can rely on the powerful and efficient H640 rear drive motor. With 750W dependable power and 80Nm torque it offers strong support where needed.