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Powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated - these are the attributes of the Bafang M-Series. Due to the compact design, the mid-motors of the M-Series can be installed inconspicuously on many types of eBike. A key characteristic is their extremely harmonious handling.

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The Bafang HR-Series is remarkable for its high efficiency. Powerful too, these drive systems assist riders even on longer tours with up to 45Nm of torque at 250W yet they remain highly economical in battery consumption.

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The motors in the HF-Series are extremely light and fit perfectly in contemporary urban bikes. With their 250 W power they deliver harmonious assistance and support the rider perfectly for daily trips across the city.

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Hide your power!
Intube batteries keep the aerodynamics of the frame unimpaired, ensuring effective weight distribution, and helping designers maintain a strong aesthetic. Bafang intube batteries are perfect for any type of bike. With high and low power versions, you'll find the perfect power source for your ride.

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Form follows function.
Both elegant and practical, semi-integrated batteries make lighter frames possible, while also allowing easy handling, charging and storage. Combining high power and light weight, downtube batteries offer a convenient and dependable package for any kind of eBike and rider experience.

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Rack up the power!
For traditionally styled eBikes with a power source that's easy to access and remove, Bafang brings you "C"arrier mounted battery options in three levels: 450, 600 and an enormous 750 Watt-hours, intended for daily or even extensive city cycling. Long lasting and reliable e-assist is right behind you all the way.

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Sleek and modern designs effectively communicate key riding data via a high-contrast LCD screen. These displays bring legibility whatever the time of day, with reliable functionality any place you need it. Using high-quality seals and materials, Bafang LCD displays are water and dirt resistant, so they're built to last.

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Simple but effective, with a robust, efficient and highly economic design, Bafang LED displays ensure longevity out on the trail or in the busy rush hour. With the ability to withstand difficult conditions, these displays are a great match for a wide range of different eBikes.

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