Last year, we asked our Bafang community to share tantalising tales of their cycling adventures. See 'Part 1' of our favorite rider stories here .

From romantic recountings to nostalgic narrations, hilarious anecdotes to notations of natural wonders, we recieved so many incredble stories and have enjoyed reading every one! We hope that these stories may inspire you as we barrel towards the spring cycling season, just as they have inspired us in our continued legacy of eBike innovation.

Family Ties

Quality time with loved ones is essential in nurturing our closest relationships. Cycling with family is the perfect way to spend time together, explore new places, and most importantly, have fun, all while getting out all-important daily dose of exercise and strengthening bonds through shared memories and experiences.

Heidi, United States:

"When my children were little there was hardly any money for Christmas presents. I was in an abusive marriage and my then-husband gave me almost nothing to buy my children gifts. My son wanted a new bike for Christmas. His was old and rusty with a torn seat. I took the bike one night and hid it in the spare room.

Each night I worked on the bike first cleaning it well and assessing how could I make this bike look new, with the least amount of money. I decided I was going to turn this bike into a "Pokémon" bike as my son was crazy about at the time. I remember cutting out small pictures of Pikachu and with glue I attached them all over with other Pokémon pictures. It started to really look great. I painted the bike frame a bright yellow first. Found a new seat from a bike that was being thrown in the trash one night that fit perfect.

Once it was all done, I placed Pokémon cards in the spokes with clothes pins like I used to do as a child in the 70s with baseball cards. That Christmas Eve night I carried the bike down and placed it under the tree, I couldn' t wait for him to see it. All my work was worth it to see his beaming face as he smiled and said that Santa had made his old bike brand new. He rode it later that day with the cards in the spokes making the clicking noises that I remembered so well. Big smile."

Michael, United States:

"My wife and I were cycling on an old railroad grade that was converted to a trail. We stumbled upon an area that had a large quantity of chokecherry trees that we had not known about before this trip. We actually returned home to gather containers and go back to pick the berries. Upon bringing the berries home we weighed them and we had about 20 pounds.

We sent a picture of the berries to my wife's sister who asked if there were more to pick. She made a trip to see us from sixty miles away and we joined her on another trip out to the trees to pick more berries, this time we got about 25 pounds more. Both families ended up with many jars of tasty jelly which we made from the berries!"

Nature's Gift

Magic unfolds when cycling takes us beyond the beaten paths and into the heart of nature. From unexpected encounters with wildlife to the discovery of hidden oases, these stories highlight the profound connection between cycling and the untamed beauty of the great outdoors. There is no limit to the wonders that may unfold on a two-wheeled adventure.

Lisa, United Kingdom:

"Cycling through a forest, I suddenly found myself face to face with a deer. Startled, we both locked eyes. Time seemed to stand still as we observed each other with both fear and curiosity. Then, without warning, the deer bounded away into the woods, leaving me with an unforgettable memory that reinforced the magic of nature and the unexpected beauty of cycling through the great outdoors."

Fritz, Norway:

"Pedaling through a thick forest, I stumbled upon an ancient, overgrown trail. Ignoring caution, I followed it. Suddenly, a breathtaking waterfall emerged. Nature's secret oasis, hidden from the world. It was a reminder that the most remarkable experiences await those who dare to explore the unknown on two wheels."

Thank you once again to all that contributed their cycling stories! If you'd like to submit your own cycling story for a chance to be featured in a future blog post, send us a message via Facebook or Instagram to be considered.

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