DP E160/161.CAN


Core Data

Display Type LED
Display -
Rated Voltage(DCV) 36/43/48
Support Modes 0-5
Operating Temperature -20 - 45℃
Com. Protocol CAN
Weight (g) -

Mounting Parameters

Dimensions (mm) 23*45.2*49.3
Holder (mm) Ø 22.2
Cable Length(mm), Connector Type 230 G5.4 / 850 G5.4
Control Unit Cable (mm) -

Indication Information

Current Speed (km/h) Yes
Maximum Speed (km/h) No
Average Speed (km/h) No
Single Duration Trip No
Single Distance Trip No
Total Distance No
Reset S.T. Duration No
Reset S.T. Distance No
Capacity Yes
Error Code Display Yes
Walk Boost Yes
Backlight No
Light Sensor Yes

Further Specifications

Bluetooth No / Yes
USB Charge No

Tests & Certifications

Certifications CE / EN 15194 / REACH / ROHS


Dimension A 23 mm
Dimension B 45.2 mm
Dimension C 49.3 mm
Dimension D Ø22.2 mm
Dimension E -
Dimension F -
Dimension G -

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