Meet the Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team!

We are incredibly proud to be sponsoring the brilliant Brentjens Mountainbike Racing team and we wanted to give you a little introduction to this amazing team. So, without further ado, meet the team!

Founded by Olympic Gold Medallist Bart Brentjens in 2007, Brentjens Mountainbike Racing Team is one of the world’s most successful Elite XC teams. The team is made up of seven professional mountain bike racing athletes.

Yana Belomoina - UKR/Women Elite

Why I love mountainbike? I love the bike, I feel free when I ride my mountainbike. I can go anywhere by bike, also to places where it is impossible to go by car! I can be alone with nature. And it’s impressive!

If I am not riding my bike I... I miss my bike ;-). Bicycle is my life, not just my job.


Anne Tauber - NED/Women Elite

Why I love mountainbike? I love the versatility of the sport. I find pleasure in training both the technical and physical skills. Besides that I’m always eager to race and I go to any length to reach my goals.

If I am not riding my bike I... You will find me in the kitchen or strolling through supermarkets to find the best (preferably bio) ingredients. If my new recipe is successful I like to share it with others and write them down at my food-blog,


Sebastian Fini Carstensen - DEN/Men Elite

Why I love mountainbike? I love mountainbike because it takes me to the best places in the world and I love to work hard for good results. 

If I am not riding my bike I... I like to work behind my coffee machine, work with my hands (especially building things for my apartment) and I spend some time helping good friends in their bike cafe!


Martins Blums - LAT/Men Elite

Why I love mountainbike? I love mountainbike because it is a way of life and I learn to live it day by day. I meet new people, friends, push my limits in trainings and learn how my body works, but most of all I live day by day closer to my dream.

If I am not riding my bike I... I spend time together with close ones, enjoy time being at home and improve my cooking skills.


David Nordemann - NED/Men U23

Why I love mountainbike? Because of the technical and physical aspects of the sport, the nature and the travelling. Everything I guess.

If I am not riding my bike I... I am spending time with my lovely girlfriend, studying Architecture or walking with my dogs.


Kjell van den Boogert - NED/Men Elite

Why I love E-bike? I like that the technology is in the mix as well. It is not only that you have to prepare yourself for the race, but there is also the challenge of getting ahead of the competition in terms of technology.

If I am not riding my bike I... I am working on bikes. (Classic) Cars consume a lot of time as well.

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