How to properly look after your e-bike

Great ways to maintain your e-bike

Purchasing an e-bike is a wonderful feeling, especially after defeating that one steep hill that always had you huffing and puffing. However, it is important to look after your e-bike before, during, and after your journey in order to fully experience an e-bike for the long term. Here are some important factors to consider when looking after your electric bike:


Cleaning your E-bike

When cleaning your electric bike, make sure to clean it with water or bike-specific products after the battery and the display (if possible) have been removed. Use a gentle hand to clean it and definitely donot use a power washer, as that can damage the motor of the e-bike as well as remove the axle and motor grease.

To clean the bike frame, you can use bike shampoo and a brush or sponge to wipe off any dirt. It is best to clean your bike after every ride if it’s possible. After cleaning be sure to use a chain lubricant to make sure the motor isn’t dry, so it remains seamless and smooth.

Avoid water submersion to protect components and do not use thinners or solvents as that can damage the component surfaces.


Maintaining your E-bike Motor

To make sure you get the best out of your electric bike, for any heavy maintenance such as disassembling/repairing of the motor, make sure it is checked by authorised personnel with the correct equipment.

Basic maintenance to the motor such as applying lubricant and cleaning the exterior is allowed and will preserve the performance of the motor.


E-bike Display

When looking after the display on your electric bike it’s important to take extra care and treat it differently in comparison to the more robust parts of the electric bike. Do not use thinner or other solvents to clean the display as it can cause damage to it. 

Although most displays are designed to be waterproof it is recommended to avoid submerging e-bike displays underwater. As such, do not clean electric bike displays with steam cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, or even water hoses.


E-bike Battery

When looking after an e-bike battery, make sure it is always stored safely in a place that is around room temperature (21°C). Do not store the battery in places less than -10°C or above +35°C otherwise it will start to malfunction and not operate correctly. Place the battery away from heaters, overheated vehicle interiors, and direct sunlight as they can emit temperatures of up 45°C therefore damaging the battery.

Also, ensure that the battery isn’t damp or wet when you store it. This means in winter you want to make sure to bring your battery inside after each ride and not store it in a shed or expose it to the elements. If it will be put away for a long period, remember to charge it to around 60-80% in a suitably dry place to avoid performance degradation. To prevent a deep discharge of energy, normally most electric batteries have a sleep mode to conserve energy.

Lastly, should the battery get hot during operation, charging, storage, and/or develop a strong smell, do not continue to use the battery and get your local bike mechanic to check it.


E-bike Brakes   

The brakes on your e-bike are imperative to your safety so it’s vital that they are maintained properly. After you have cleaned and dried off your e-bike you can apply a brake disc cleaner to preserve its efficiency and longevity.

However, no matter how good your brakes are, it is important to replace the bike pads every now and again, especially if you’ve noticed a shift in brake performance. If you are unable to perform this task yourself, be sure to visit your local bike mechanic who can help you change the brakes on your e-bike.


Car Bike Rack

When transporting your e-bike by car, make sure your bike rack is correctly weighted to accommodate the electric bike. Make sure to remove the battery and store in a safe place, before placing the electric bike on the bike rack, since doing so will make loading the bike easier and also protect the battery from rain and road debris.


Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to enjoy your e-bike for longer!

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