Last year, we teamed up with American Eagle MTB to launch our biggest giveaway yet! By telling us how BAFANG could power your life, you were in with a chance at winning an E-agle American Eagle eMTB powered by BAFANG.

From hundreds of entries, our winner was selected and received his eMTB at one of our offices in the Netherlands in April. Check out our short video of the day

Recently, we caught up with our golden prize winner and asked him a few questions about his experience with his brand-new e-bike. Read on to learn more.

Winner: Patrick Bakkers

Winning entry: Bafang would empower me to ride anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

How did you come up with your winning entry? 

“I saw the announcement for the contest in an MTB Magazine. The thing that got my mind to work was the picture that was used in the magazine (beautiful promo shot of the bike). This picture instantly got me fantasying about what I could do with the bike, where I could do that and when I would do that. The words anytime, anyplace and anywhere popped up in my mind…the rest is history, or better; reality.”

Do you have much experience with e-bikes?

“I did not have any experience with e-bikes, in contrary, as an MTB fanatic I did not see the purpose of an e-bike at all. I did however notice the rise of e-bikes on daily commuter bikes and in the last 2 years I began to notice them more and more in the MTB scene. They started to appeal to me as the looks and functionality got better and better and when I saw the contest for the mind-blowing American Eagle Team replica, I did not hesitate a second to enter the competition. Now, in hindsight, all the prejudices I had regarding riding an e-MTB have proven to be wrong. The anytime, anyplace, anywhere fantasies I had were truly foresights. So, I cannot compare it to other e-bikes but I can compare it to my regular bike. The thing that surprised me most (so far) is how easy it rolls without the power on! With the power on I notice that the bike is really, really fast in cornering. The bike is also extremely stable and gives me tons of confidence. Due to the Covid crisis I have not been able to take it to other places yet, so I have only ridden cross country tracks so far. I hope I can take it to the mountains soon.”

Have you managed to take your bike out on any rides yet? If so, where have you been? 

“Like I said, due to Covid crisis I only did cross country rides where I am living. Luckily, we do have a good number of official MTB tracks over here so I already had lots of fun, but I cannot wait to take it to other parts of the country where there’s more altitude to cover.  Hope I can go to the Belgium Ardennes soon (only 2,5 hour drive) where there are numerous spectacular tracks. Plans for a trip to the Swiss/French/Italian Alpes sadly have to be postponed to next year, when we hopefully can freely travel again.”

Are you looking forward to riding your bike on any particular trail? 

“Belgium Ardennes, Swiss/French/Italian Alpes are on the to do list and a thing that’s on my bucket list for a few years now: Roc-du-Maroc.”

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