LEVA-EU E-bike Dealer Trip Stops off at BAFANG HQ

We had a great time meeting with a group of European e-bike dealers during their trip to China recently. The trip, organised by LEVA-EU, bought the dealers on a networking trip around Suzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, where they visited a variety of leading manufacturers of e-bike components as well as manufacturers of light, electric vehicles such as electric bikes, electric scooters and more.

The trip aimed to give European e-bike dealers a better understanding of the Chinese e-bike (LEV) business and offered a unique opportunity to meet with some manufacturers in the e-bike field in China to exchange knowledge and insights.

It was a real pleasure to welcome the group to our factory and headquarters and give the dealers a look behind-the-scenes to show what goes into producing BAFANG’s products, as well as hear valuable ideas from the group on their experiences of the e-bike industry in Europe . Of course, a real highlight of the day was being able to get out and take some test models out for a ride!

We are feeling very inspired after meeting the group and look forward to meeting with them again soon in Europe to talk some more about the ever-changing e-bike industry.

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